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GenX Escalade CloudSuite Private Limited was set up with an idea to accumulate all the technical products and services under one name, coud being the static part of the said products and services. GenX CloudSuite is a cloud based computing platform which was designed taking into consideration the dire need of technology and its applications in today’s scenario. Everything is being governed by technology, and to make an impact in the society, the Founders came up with GenX CloudSuite so that many products and services can be developed, focusing on quality, betterment, innovation and most importantly, technology.

Prior to incorporating and bringing everything under GenX CloudSuite, a company was set up in 2008, which dealt with work relating to media domain and it was named GenX i Media. GenX i Media is a lot more than just a media house, it takes care of the information that demands to be displayed to the world. Innovation at its peak, GenX i Media makes sure quality content is created, developing the field of digital media, taking excellence in its way. It also pays much attention to the fact that the one thing which is growing and will always do so is digital media; hence to take maximum use of the opportunity is imperative.

Company Profile

GenX Escalade CloudSuite Private Limited is a cloud based technology firm located in Noida. In the cloud era, business needs levels of agility that traditional networks can’t provide and with this, the development of cloud based applications had become a necessity. In brief, GenX CloudSuite is a cloud based computing platform designed to deliver and use Software as a Service application. It helps to focus on application innovation, rapid speed to market and continuous enhancement rather than writing routine technical code and managing the infrastructure behind it.


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We're a creative united team that's committed to continuously improving operational efficiency,
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Jetesh Prasher
Founder & CEO

Ankur Sharma
Co-Founder & COO

History and Timeline

GenX CloudSuite Timeline
September 2016
The journey started with the idea of ABUOR when it clicked the minds of the Founders, resulting in its website.
January 2017
The GenX Creative Studio was redesigned with a motive to make it more creative and user friendly.
March 2017
2 months later, GenX Digital 360 was redesigned and more elements of creativity were added to it.
July 2017
The thought of FIOHO came to the Founders and they began with the preparation of its websites and products as well as services.
October 2017
GenX Escalade CloudSuite was incorporated which took all the ventures into its umbrella, like ABUOR and FIOHO.
December 2017
FIOHO was launched and the team initiated the development of Visitor Management portal.